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We are the exclusive distribution agent of Down To The Roots,  a weekly, internationally-syndicated old-time music program.

Down To The Roots - Station Schedules


The Bluegrass Jamboree


TUESDAY - 3:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 am Eastern


KWLP 100.9 FM / KWLPRadio.com - "The Peach" Peach Springs, AZ


WEDNESDAY - 9:00 pm Eastern


Bluegrass Planet Radio


WEDNESDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Southern Branch Bluegrass Radio 91.7 FM / SBBRadio.net Claxton, TN


WEDNESDAY - 8:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 pm Eastern


Bell Buckle Radio


WEDNESDAY - 3:00 am Eastern
THURSDAY - 4:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Community Growth Radio 2 - reading service for blind and visually impaired listeners


WWB / WorldwideBluegrass.com


FRIDAY - 5:00 pm Eastern




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Down To The Roots - Archive Listening Room

Down To The Roots - Archive Playlist

AIR DATE: week of 02/09/2020

DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the songs played on Down To The Roots are an archive of the past. They are historical documents which reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs during different times. DeFord Media Associates does not endorse any recordings or any artist - living or dead - including any thoughts, ideas and/or verbal expressions that may be offensive to some listeners.

SEGMENT 01) 28:58

01. Uncle Dave Macon – Way Down The Old Plank Road (Vocalion 15321)
4-14-26 NYC
02. Melvin Dupree – Augusta Rag (Gennett 6988) 4-2-29 Richmond, IN
03. Shortbuckle Roark & Family – I Truly Understand, You Love Another Man
(Victor V-40023) 11-4-28 Bristol,  TN
04. Emry Arthur – Look Out For The Window (Decca 5085) 1-17-35 Chicago, IL
05. Sons Of The Pioneers (featuring Shug Fisher and Lloyd Perryman) –
Too Old To Cut The Mustard (“The Lucky U Ranch” – ABC transcription)
unknown date, Hollywood, CA
06. Carlisle Brothers – Sal Got A Meatskin (Vocalion 04720) 7-26-33 NYC
07. McMichen-Layne String Orchestra – Ramblin’ Boy (Columbia147311)
10-26-28 Atlanta, GA
08. Gid Tanner & Fate Norris – Goodbye Booze (Columbia 15105) 4-20-26 Atlanta, GA
09. Lowe Stokes & Mike Whitten – Take Me Back To Georgia(Columbia 15486-D)
10-30-29 Atlanta, GA

SEGMENT 02) 29:29

10. Ernest V. Stoneman – The Fate Of Talmadge Osborn (Okeh 45084) 1-29-27 NYC
11. Tenneva Ramblers – If I Die A Railroad Man (Victor 20146) 2-18-28 Atlanta, GA
12. Blind Willie McTell – Travelin’ Blues (Columbia 149300-1) 10-30-29 Atlanta,  GA
13. Floyd Ming & His Pep-Steppers – White Mule (Victor 21534) 2-13-28 Memphis, TN
14. Judge Sturdy’s Orchestra – Moselle-Quadrille (Victor 20530) 12-3-25 St. Louis, MO
15. Reaves White County Ramblers – Ten Cent Piece (Vocalion 5218)
4-27-28 Chicago, IL
16. Carson Robison & His Pioneers – Hill Billy Songs Medley, Part 1-2
(Columbia Europe D. X. 365) 6-24-32 London,  UK

SEGMENT 03) 27:30

17. Lulu Belle & Scotty – “Breakfast In The Blue Ridge”
(Brinkley Recording Co. - Attractions, Inc. transcription – AIB-B) 1948 Chicago, IL
theme in-That Little Black Moustache-Going To See That Gal Of Mine-

The Little Brown Church In The Vale-theme out
18. Frank Hutchison – Stackalee (Okeh 45106) 1-28-27 NYC
19. David Miller – That Bad Man Stacklee (Gennett 6188) May 1927 Richmond, IN
20. Fruit Jar Guzzlers – Stack-O-Lee (Paramount 3121) c. March 1928 Chicago,  IL
21. MississippiJohn Hurt – Stack O’ Lee Blues (Okeh 8654) 12-28-28 NYC

SEGMENT 04) 28:14

22. Ranch Boys – Wagon Wheels (Decca 3849) 3-7-41 Chicago, IL
23. Stuart Hamblen – Pony Express (Pride Of The Golden West) (Columbia 20650)
10-27-49 Hollywood, CA
24. Red River Dave – Brandin’ Time (Soundies Distribution Corporation of America) 

1948 unknown location
25. John Dilleshaw – Walkin’ Blues (Vocalion 5459) 3-24-30 Atlanta, GA
26. Tampa Red – You Got To Reap What You Sow (Vocalion 1404) 6-22-29 Chicago,  IL
27. Wenatchee Mountaineers – I Like Mountain Music (Oriole 8264) 8-8-33 NYC
28. Dixie Ramblers – Ridin’ In An Old Model T (ARC 7-06-63)
3-29-37 Birmingham, AL
29. Dock Boggs – Hard Luck Blues (Brunswick 133) 3-10-27 NYC
30. Roper’s Mountain Singers – When I Walked The Streets Of Gold (Columbia 15222) 11-2-27 Atlanta, GA 

DOWN TO THE ROOTS theme from Hopalong Cassidy and the Square Dance Holdup (Capitol CBX-3075) Cliffie Stone, Harold Hensley, Herman The Hermit ©1950  
Master Rights Usage courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises and Capitol Records.


DeFord Media Associates makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the programming information provided. However, we accept no liability or responsibilities for errors or omissions of any information reported and make no guarantees or representations as to its accuracy


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