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We are the exclusive distribution agent of Down To The Roots,  a weekly, internationally-syndicated old-time music program.

Down To The Roots - Station Schedules


The Bluegrass Jamboree


TUESDAY - 3:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 am Eastern


KWLP 100.9 FM / KWLPRadio.com - "The Peach" Peach Springs, AZ


WEDNESDAY - 10:00 pm Eastern


Bluegrass Planet Radio


WEDNESDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Southern Branch Bluegrass Radio 91.7 FM / SBBRadio.net Claxton, TN


WEDNESDAY - 8:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 pm Eastern


Bell Buckle Radio


WEDNESDAY - 3:00 am Eastern
THURSDAY - 4:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Community Growth Radio 2 - reading service for blind and visually impaired listeners


WWB / WorldwideBluegrass.com


FRIDAY - 5:00 pm Eastern




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Down To The Roots - Archive Listening Room

Down To The Roots - Archive Playlist

AIR DATE: 8/4/2019 (To hear this week's show please refer to Station Schedules above the player.)

DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the songs played on Down To The Roots are an archive of the past. They are historical documents which reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs during different times. DeFord Media Associates does not endorse any recordings or any artist - living or dead - including any thoughts, ideas and/or verbal expressions that may be offensive to some listeners.

SEGMENT 01) 27:13


01. Prairie Ramblers – Go Easy Blues (Bluebird B-5320-A) 12-6-36 Chicago, IL
02. Three Tobacco Tags – Courtin’ (Bluebird B-6730) 10-13-36 Charlotte, NC
03. Carolina Tar Heels – You Are A Little Too Small (Victor V-40007)
11-14-28 Atlanta, GA
04. Jimmie Davis – Bear Cat Mama (From Horner’s Corners)
(Montgomery Ward M-4283) 11-29-30
05. Fiddling Doc Roberts Trio – Blue Grass Rag (Perfect 13073) 8-28-34 NYC
06. Shelton Brothers – Rompin’ And Stompin’ Around (Decca 5964)
4-25-41 Dallas, TX
07. Clayton McMichen & Georgia Wildcats – Free Wheelin’ Hobo
(Continental C-3016-B) 8-30-32 NYC
08. Floyd Thompson & His Home Towners with Jack Tilson – Ida Red
(Vocalion 5236) 6-19-28 Indianapolis,  IN
09. Southern Moonlight Entertainers – Lost John (Vocalion 5460)
8-27-29 Knoxville, TN

SEGMENT 02) 28:17

10. Taylor & Davis – I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Romeo 5360)
3-22-34 Chicago, IL
11. Dixon Brothers – I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail – part 2
(Bluebird 6691) 10-13-36 Charlotte, NC
12. Okeh Medicine Show – Okeh Medicine Show (Act 1-6) 9-24-29 NYC

SEGMENT 03) 29:41

13. Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys - “Pinto Pete In Arizona” (KTM - transcription)
unknown date, Los Angeles, CA
In The Evening-Oregon Trail-The Covered Bridge Across The Old Mill Stream-
Grandma’s Spinning Wheel-poetry-Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
14. Marion Underwood & Aulton Ray – Maxwell Girl (Gennett 6205)
4-26-27 Richmond, IN
15. Ruth Neal & Wanda Neal – Round Town Gals (Okeh 45124) 6-4-27 Atlanta, GA
16. Pickard Family – BuffaloGals (Oriole 1562) 1-31-29 NYC
17. James Cole’s Washboard Four – Sweet Lizzie (Champion 40047)
10-27-30 Richmond, IN
18. Tom West – The Valentine (Library Of Congress AFS 00298 B)
June 1934 Ashland, KY

SEGMENT 04) 29:34

19. DeFord Bailey – Dixie Flyer Blues (Brunswick146) 4-19-27 NYC
20. Carter Brothers & Son – Jenny On The Railroad (Vocalion 5297)
11-22-28 Memphis
21. Byron Parker & His Mountaineers – Peanut Special (Bluebird B-8673)
10-10-40 Atlanta, GA
22. HobbsBrothers – Hell Among The Yearlings (Domino 4311) 11-7-28 NYC
23. Leake CountyRevelers – Leather Breeches (Columbia 15149)
4-13-27 New Orleans, LA
24. Dykes’ Magic City Trio – Red Steer (Vocalion 5181) 3-10-27 NYC
25. Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolk – Pretty Little Miss Out In The Garden
(Decca 24213) 3-26-47 Hollywood, CA
26. Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles – Say Darling Won’t You Love Me
(Paramount 3242) Oct. 1929
27. Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Quartet –
Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day (Victor 21192) 7-26-27 Bristol, TN

DOWN TO THE ROOTS theme from Hopalong Cassidy and the Square Dance Holdup (Capitol CBX-3075) Cliffie Stone, Harold Hensley, Herman The Hermit ©1950  
Master Rights Usage courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises and Capitol Records.


DeFord Media Associates makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the programming information provided. However, we accept no liability or responsibilities for errors or omissions of any information reported and make no guarantees or representations as to its accuracy


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Each DOWN TO THE ROOTS show is recorded weeks in advance of the actual air date. If you would like to request a song for a future program, please submit it using the message box below and I will do my best to accommodate. Perhaps you have an idea for a show segment or theme. Is there an artist that you would like featured? Maybe a comment or suggestion? Please let me know. I am always interested in your thoughts and input. I realize you have many options when choosing streaming entertainment and I humbly thank you for listening.

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