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We are the exclusive distribution agent of Down To The Roots,  a weekly, internationally-syndicated old-time music program.

Down To The Roots - Station Schedules


The Bluegrass Jamboree


TUESDAY - 3:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 am Eastern


KWLP 100.9 FM / KWLPRadio.com - "The Peach" Peach Springs, AZ


WEDNESDAY - 9:00 pm Eastern


Bluegrass Planet Radio


WEDNESDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Southern Branch Bluegrass Radio 91.7 FM / SBBRadio.net Claxton, TN


WEDNESDAY - 8:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 1:00 pm Eastern


Bell Buckle Radio


WEDNESDAY - 3:00 am Eastern
THURSDAY - 4:00 pm Eastern
SATURDAY - 2:00 pm Eastern


Community Growth Radio 2 - reading service for blind and visually impaired listeners


WWB / WorldwideBluegrass.com


FRIDAY - 5:00 pm Eastern




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Down To The Roots - Archive Listening Room

Down To The Roots - Archive Playlist

AIR DATE: week of 04/05/2020

DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the songs played on Down To The Roots are an archive of the past. They are historical documents which reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs during different times. DeFord Media Associates does not endorse any recordings or any artist - living or dead - including any thoughts, ideas and/or verbal expressions that may be offensive to some listeners.

SEGMENT 01) 28:58

01. Arthur Smith Trio – I’m Bound To Ride (Bluebird B-7325) 8-3-37 Charlotte, NC
02. Bob Wills, Sleepy Johnson, Leon McAuliffe – Crippled Turkey
 (Raw Fiddle – Disc 1) 9-29-36 Chicago, IL
03. Georgia Crackers – Diamond Joe (Okeh 45098) 3-21-27 Atlanta,  GA
04. Cliff Carlisle – My Rockin’ Mama (Bluebird B-6647) 6-20-36 Charlotte, NC
05. Roland Cauley & Lake Howard – Medley-Darling Nellie Gray And Little Brown Jug 

  (ARC 6-04-54) 8-8-34 NYC
06. John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel – Spanish Fandango (Okeh 45328)
 3-22-29 Atlanta, GA
07. Georgia Yellow Hammers – Come Over And See Me Sometime (Victor V-40091)

  10-18-28 Atlanta, GA
08. Harry Choates & His Fiddle – Fa-De-Do Stomp (Gold Star 1326) 1947
09. Bascom Lamar Lunsford – Lost John Dean (Brunswick 227) 2-26-28 Ashland, KY

SEGMENT 02) 29:29

10. Ridgel’s Fountain Citians – Baby Call Your Dog Off (Vocalion 5427)
  4-3-30 Knoxville, TN
11. Charlie Monroe & His Kentucky Pardners – The Girl I Love Don’t Pay Me No Mind 

  (County 538) 1944 unknown location
12. Charlie Bowman & His Brothers – Moonshiner And His Money (Columbia 15387-D) 

  2-20-29 NYC
13. Blind Alfred Reed – The Wreck Of The Virginian (Victor 20836) 7-28-27 Bristol, TN
14. Riley Puckett – Altoona Freight Wreck (Decca 5455) 9-29-37 NYC
15. Hank Williams & His Drifting Cowboys – The Log Train (The Original Singles)
 1952?, Nashville, TN
16. Blue Ridge MountainEntertainers - Cincinnati Breakdown (Perfect 12805)
 12-1-31 NYC
17. Aransas “Arkie” Woodchopper & His Square Dance Band – Soldier’s Joy
 (Okeh K-2) 6-10-41 Chicago, IL
18. Roy Rogers with Cooley’s Buckle Busters –
 Round That Couple Go Through And Swing (Decca 3734) 9-4-40 Hollywood,  CA

SEGMENT 03) 27:30

19. Jack Perry & The Light Crust Doughboys –“Burris Mill Presents the Light Crust 

Doughboys” (Tracey-Locke Co. – transcription) 1948 Texas
 theme-San Antonio Rose-LIGHT CRUST FLOUR AD-Camptown Races-
 These Bones Gonna Rise Again-Fiddle Instrumental-theme
20. Blue Sky Boys – Short Life Of Trouble (Farm & Fun Time Favorites, Vol. 2)
  1949 Bristol,  TN
21. J.H. Howell’s Carolina Hillbillies – Lonesome Life Of Worry (Bluebird 8236-B)
 1-29-38 Charlotte, NC
22. Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris – Short Life And Its Trouble
 (Montgomery Ward M-7128) 2-16-37 Charlotte,  NC
23. Jimmie Rodgers (Assisted By The Carter Family) – Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
 (Regal-Zonophone ME34) 6-12-31 Louisville, KY
24. Jimmie Rodgers (Assisted By The Carter Family) – The Carter Family & Jimmie 

  Rodgers In Texas (Regal-Zonophone ME34) 6-12-31 Louisville,  KY 

SEGMENT 04) 28:14

25. Ranch Boys – There’s A Home In Wyomin’ (Decca 3849) 3-7-41 Chicago, IL
26. Hillbillies – Ranch In The Rockies
 (A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me - Disc 2) unknown date, location
27. Patsy Montana with the Texas Rangers – I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart

(“Colorado Sunset” – Republic Films) 1939 Hollywood, CA
28. Frankie Marvin & His Guitar – The Strawberry Roan (Homestead 23024-A)
 1931 Chicago, IL
29. Zeke Clements & His Men From Music Mountain – Ridin’ Down The River
 (MGM 10965) May 1951
30. Walker’s Corbin Ramblers – My Baby Keeps Stealin’ Sugar On Me
 (Vocalion 02771) 1-24-34 NYC
31. Dock Boggs – Down South Blues (Brunswick 131) 3-10-27 NYC
32. Leake County Revelers – Crow, Black Chicken (Columbia 15318-D)
 4-27-28 New Orleans, LA
33. Sam McGee – Knoxville Blues (Vocalion 15326) 4-17-26 NYC
34. Morris Brothers & Eunice Ayers – My Lord Will Come For Me (Bluebird B-8269)
 8-24-39 Atlanta, GA 

DOWN TO THE ROOTS theme from Hopalong Cassidy and the Square Dance Holdup (Capitol CBX-3075) Cliffie Stone, Harold Hensley, Herman The Hermit ©1950  
Master Rights Usage courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises and Capitol Records.


DeFord Media Associates makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and validity of the programming information provided. However, we accept no liability or responsibilities for errors or omissions of any information reported and make no guarantees or representations as to its accuracy


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